(P.U.R., polyurethane). Thermoplastic P.U.R. elastomers (T-P.U.R.) are re-meltable Polymer structures with hard and soft segments between the urethane structures (-NH-COO-) which connect them in the molecule; made of dioles (-OH) and diisocyanates (-NCO). Multi-functional polyoles and tri-isocyanate or polyisocyanates are used as reactions partner for thermosetting P.U.R. grades with high Rubber elasticity. The soft segments may be polyether (-O-) for Polyurethane or Polyester (-COOO-) for Polyester urethane. End products are ski boots, sport track coverings and soft and hard integral foams.

Altec have over 30 years experience in manufacturing Plastic & Rubber Extrusions, Extruded Profiles and Tubing. We're quite rightfully proud of our reputation for consistently meeting the needs of customers over that time. Because we've remained small and focussed we've also remained more attentitive, more cost effective and more responsive than larger manufacturers.

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