Fluorinated ethylene propylene (F.E.P.) is a copolymer of hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluoroethylene. It differs from the P.T.F.E. (Polytetrafluoroethylene) resins in that it is melt-processible using conventional injection molding and screw Extrusion techniques. Fluorinated ethylene propylene was invented by DuPont and is sold under the brandname Teflon-F.E.P. Similar product is available from Daikin with the brand name of Neoflon-F.E.P.

F.E.P. is very similar in composition to the Fluoropolymers P.T.F.E. (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and P.F.A. (Perfluoroalkoxy Polymer resin). F.E.P. and P.F.A. both share P.T.F.E.'s useful properties of low friction and non-reactivity, but are more easily formable. F.E.P. is softer than P.T.F.E. and melts at 260 °C; it is highly transparent and resistant to sunlight.

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