Machine designed to process Thermoplastics or Thermosets into extruded shapes. Commonly this is achieved by propelling material through the extruder using an auger or screw and, under pressure, expelling it through a Die which forms the desired shape of the extrudate. It may then pass through downstream equipment, depending on the type of materials being used, which may cool the extrudate (thermoplastics) or heat-cure it (thermosets). Further downstream equipment may cut, coil, print, package or further process the products.

Altec have over 30 years experience in manufacturing Plastic & Rubber Extrusions, Extruded Profiles and Tubing. We're quite rightfully proud of our reputation for consistently meeting the needs of customers over that time. Because we've remained small and focussed we've also remained more attentitive, more cost effective and more responsive than larger manufacturers.

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