Medical Quick Couplings

CPC Medical Quick Couplings are designed for use in biological and body fluid contact applications.
Precision moulded in USP Class VI approved Polycarbonate they have a smooth flow path with minimum entrapment points, Silicone 'O' Ring Seals and can be sterilised by all standard methods.

Medical Quick Couplings contain NO shut-off valves.

Technical Specification

Working Pressure Full vacuum to 120psi (@20°C)
Maximum Temperature 120ºC (max. 90psi)
Minimum Temperature -40ºC
Materials Grade Medical
Contains Shut-off Valve? No
Bodies/Latch Polycarbonate
Seals Silicone
Sterilising: (supplied non-sterile)
Autoclave 120ºC for 30mins. (10 cycles)
Ethylene Oxide (EtO) up to 5 cycles
Gamma Irradiation up to 50 kgrays
Electron Beam up to 50 kgrays