Graduated Polypropylene Plastic Jugs

Tough, lightweight and easy to handle, these jugs have been designed to offer a host of benefits at an affordable price. Made from ultra clear polypropylene, printed with sharp, easy-to-read blue graduations, they have generous non-drip spouts for precise pouring. An ergonomically-designed handle ensures that they are comfortable and safe to carry when full, making them ideal for transporting larger volumes of liquids, powders or granules.

Available in an extensive range of sizes from 50ml to 5 litres, the robust jugs remain rigid and stable even when full. Break-resistant and durable, they also feature a non-slip, anti-suction base to ensure safe use in wet environments.

With excellent heat and chemical resistance, the jugs are fully autoclavable to 121°C. To ensure full cleanliness, the jugs are supplied packaged in sealed plastic bags. They are also SPI recycling coded and batched stamped for full traceability.
  • Graduated Polypropylene Plastic Jugs

Technical Specification

Colour Translucent Temperature Range 0°C to 135°C


Capacity Sub-divisions Height Rim Diameter
50ml 10ml 60mm 50mm
100ml 20ml 72mm 61mm
250ml 50ml 90mm 100mm
500ml 50ml 120mm 102mm
1000ml 100ml 150mm 122mm
2000ml 100ml 187mm 151mm
3000ml 200ml 215mm 172mm
5000ml 500ml 253mm 199mm

Product Range

Capacity  Pack Qty.  Product Code Price (+VAT)
100ml 5 110-6577 £2.88 In Stock.
250ml 1 110-6674 £4.03 In Stock.
500ml 1 110-6771 £4.53 In Stock.
1000ml 1 110-6868 £5.13 In Stock.
2000ml 1 110-6965 £8.78 In Stock.
3000ml 1 110-7062 £16.39 In Stock.
5000ml 1 110-7159 £20.29 In Stock.
Only supplied in pack quantities shown. Subject to slight design change as stocks are refreshed.