BSP Threaded Straight Connectors

Material Specification

Material Nylon
Maximum Temperature 80ºC
Minimum Temperature -40ºC
Material Grade Food
Colour Metric-Light Grey BSP-Dark Grey


To Fit Tubing Bore 'A' Taper Thread 'B' 'C' 'D' 'E'
4mm 1/8BSP 2.5mm 27mm 10mm
4mm 1/4BSP 2.5mm 32mm 14mm
5mm 1/4BSP 3mm 36mm 14mm
6mm 1/8BSP 4mm 32.5mm 10mm
6mm 1/4BSP 4mm 37.5mm 14mm
6mm 3/8BSP 4mm 39mm 17mm
8mm 1/8BSP 5.6mm 38mm 14mm
8mm 1/4BSP 5.6mm 41mm 14mm
8mm 1/2BSP 5.6mm 49mm 22mm
10mm 1/4BSP 7mm 43.5mm 14mm
10mm 3/8BSP 7mm 43.5mm 17mm
12mm 3/8BSP 8.6mm 44mm 17mm
12mm 1/2BSP 8.6mm 54mm 22mm
14mm 3/8BSP 10mm 56mm 17mm
14mm 1/2BSP 10mm 56mm 22mm
16mm 1/2BSP 12mm 58mm 22mm
16mm 3/4BSP 12mm 58mm 27mm
19mm 3/4BSP 15mm 58mm 27mm

Product Range

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To Fit Tubing Bore 'A' Taper Thread 'B'   Price (+VAT)
per Pack/10
Availability Product Code
4mm1/8BSP £7.99 <7 days. GES4/R1/8
4mm1/4BSP £11.65 In Stock. GES4/R1/4
5mm1/4BSP £17.50 In Stock. GES5/R1/4
6mm1/8BSP £9.80 In Stock. GES6/R1/8
8mm1/8BSP £13.15 In Stock. GES8/R1/8
10mm1/4BSP £13.60 In Stock. GES10/R1/4
12mm3/8BSP £10.46 In Stock GES12/R3/8
14mm3/8BSP £14.40 In Stock GES14/R3/8
16mm1/2BSP £16.32 In Stock GES16/R1/2
19mm3/4BSP £18.42 In Stock GES19/R3/4