2.85mm ├ś Filament Range

Filament for your Ultimaker printer or any other printers that use 2.85mm filament (sometimes referred to as 3mm).

PLA and PETG Supplied in a range of colours on spools.

2.85mm filament weighs 7.9 grams per metre, making a 750g spool 95m and a 1kg spool 125m approx.

Product Range

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Material  Diameter  Colour  Quantity  Spool    Price (+VAT)
Availability Product Code
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmWhite Wedding1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2801
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmBlack is Black1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2802
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmGrey Day1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2803
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmRed Balloon1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2805
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmOrange Crush1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2806
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmBlue Sky1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2809
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmBlue Velvet1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2810
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmBlue Jeans1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2811
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmDeep Purple1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £17.50 In Stock. 06-01-2812
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmGreen Grass750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £12.50 In Stock. 138-7295
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmYellow Taxi750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £12.50 In Stock. 138-7877
PLA2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmPretty in Pink750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £12.50 In Stock. 139-1563
PETG2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmBlack is Black1kg (125m approx.)Black PS £18.90 In Stock. 06-02-2802
PETG2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmBlue Velvet750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £13.50 In Stock. 139-6122
PETG2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmGreen Grass750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £13.50 In Stock. 139-6995
PETG2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmRed Balloon750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £13.50 In Stock. 139-6510
PETG2.85mm ┬▒ 0.03mmWhite Wedding750g (95m approx.)Recyclable PC £13.50 In Stock. 139-5346
*Refills require a suitable Masterspool, see Click Here for more info