AlteVinā„¢ Industrial PVC Tubing

Provides an economical solution to applications, including low pressure conveyance of liquids, gases and granular solids. Many sizes now available in a range of colours.
  • AlteVinā„¢ Industrial PVC Tubing
  • AlteVinā„¢ Industrial PVC Tubing
  • AlteVinā„¢ Industrial PVC Tubing
  • AlteVinā„¢ Industrial PVC Tubing

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 19.7 MPa Hardness 77Āŗ Shore 'A'
Density 1.23 g/cmĀ³ Elongation at Break 345%
Maximum Temperature 65ĀŗC Minimum Temperature -16ĀŗC
Material Grade Food

Product Range

Bore  Wall  Colour  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Coil/30M
1.00mm 0.50mm Clear 01-98-1956 £9.87 In Stock.
1.00mm 1.00mm Clear 01-98-1957 £11.91 In Stock
1.50mm 0.50mm Clear 01-98-1958 £11.91 In Stock.
2.00mm 1.00mm Clear 01-98-1960 £11.91 In Stock.
3.00mm 1.00mm Clear 01-94-1517 £10.71 In Stock.
3.00mm 1.00mm Black 01-94-1517BLK £12.34 In Stock
3.00mm 1.00mm Green 01-94-1517GRN £12.34 In Stock
3.00mm 1.00mm Yellow 01-94-1517YEL £12.34 In Stock
3.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1518 £6.03 In Stock.
4.00mm 1.00mm Clear 01-94-1519 £12.25 In Stock.
5.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1520 £8.53 In Stock.
5.00mm 1.50mm Red 01-94-1520RED £15.62 In Stock.
5.00mm 1.50mm Blue 01-94-1520BLU £15.62 In Stock.
5.00mm 1.50mm Green 01-94-1520GRN £15.62 In Stock.
5.00mm 1.50mm Yellow 01-94-1520YEL £15.62 In Stock.
6.00mm 1.00mm Clear 01-94-1522 £15.82 In Stock.
6.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1523 £9.80 In Stock.
6.00mm 1.50mm Black 01-94-1523BLK £19.08 In Stock.
6.00mm 1.50mm Red 01-94-1523RED £19.08 In Stock.
6.00mm 1.50mm Blue 01-94-1523BLU £19.08 In Stock.
6.00mm 1.50mm Green 01-94-1523GRN £19.08 In Stock.
6.00mm 1.50mm Yellow 01-94-1523YEL £19.08 In Stock.
6.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1524 £24.61 In Stock.
8.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1525 £10.71 In Stock.
8.00mm 1.50mm Red 01-94-1525RED £20.00 In Stock.
8.00mm 1.50mm Blue 01-94-1525BLU £20.00 In Stock.
8.00mm 1.50mm Green 01-94-1525GRN £20.00 In Stock.
8.00mm 1.50mm Yellow 01-94-1525YEL £20.00 In Stock.
8.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1526 £30.32 In Stock.
9.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1527 £23.88 In Stock.
10.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1529 £32.36 In Stock.
12.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1532 £15.92 In Stock.
12.00mm 1.50mm Black 01-94-1532BLK £40.32 In Stock
12.00mm 1.50mm Red 01-94-1532RED £40.32 In Stock.
12.00mm 1.50mm Blue 01-94-1532BLU £40.32 In Stock.
12.00mm 1.50mm Green 01-94-1532GRN £40.32 In Stock
12.00mm 1.50mm Yellow 01-94-1532YEL £40.32 In Stock.
13.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1534 £41.44 In Stock.
16.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1536 £35.70 In Stock.
16.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1537 £45.41 In Stock.
16.00mm 3.00mm Black 01-94-1537BLK £53.07 In Stock
16.00mm 3.00mm Red 01-94-1537RED £53.07 In Stock.
16.00mm 3.00mm Blue 01-94-1537BLU £53.07 In Stock.
16.00mm 3.00mm Green 01-94-1537GRN £53.07 In Stock.
16.00mm 3.00mm Yellow 01-94-1537YEL £53.07 In Stock.
19.00mm 1.50mm Clear 01-94-1538 £40.88 In Stock.
19.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1539 £50.52 <21 days.
25.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1541 £78.59 In Stock.
Bore  Wall  Colour  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Metre
32.00mm 4.50mm Clear 01-94-1542M £4.75 In Stock
38.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-94-1547M £4.11 In Stock
45.00mm 3.00mm Clear 01-98-1950M £4.64 In Stock
45.00mm 4.50mm Clear 01-98-1951M £7.10 In Stock
50.00mm 4.50mm Clear 01-98-1952M £7.51 In Stock
Tubing of 32mm Ƙ and above is normally supplied in continuous lengths of 3 metres maximum. For longer lengths please enquire.