PMP Cylinders with Moulded Graduations

A range of polymethylpentene (PMP) measuring cylinders with either moulded-in or printed graduations. Easy to clean and virtually unbreakable, the cylinders have non-slide, anti-suction, ultra stable hexagonal bases and precision non-drop pouring spouts. They will maintain their tolerances, which are exactly the same as for glass measuring cylinders Grade B, even after repeated autoclaving at 121°C.

Technical Specification

Material PMP (TPX)
Colour Clear
Temperature Range -180°C to 180°C


Capacity Sub-divisions Tolerance O.D. Height
10ml 0.2ml ± 0.2ml 14mm 140mm
25ml 0.5ml ± 0.5ml 20mm 170mm
50ml 1ml ± 1ml 26mm 200mm
100ml 1ml ± 1ml 31mm 250mm
250ml 2ml ± 2ml 42mm 315mm
500ml 5ml ± 5ml 55mm 360mm
1000ml 10ml ± 10ml 66mm 440mm
2000ml 20ml ± 20ml 83mm 535mm

Product Range

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25mlMoulded5 £27.18 In Stock CT0025P
250mlMoulded1 £14.86 In Stock. CT0250P
500mlMoulded1 £23.98 In Stock. CT0500P