Nylon 66 Sheet

Nylon 66 is a versatile engineering plastic. It is hard and tough, with a high melting point and good wear resistance. It is light, has good chemical resistance and is a good electrical insulator. Nylon 66 will give long service as a wear part with little or no lubrication. It can easily be bonded, welded and machined. Applications include; cams, gears, bearings, bushes, wheels, rollers, pulleys and electrical insulators.
  • Nylon 66 Sheet

Product Range

Sheet Thickness  Size ±10mm  Pack Qty.  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Sheet
8mm 305 x 610mm 1 Sheet 109-3288 £34.97 In Stock
16mm 305 x 610mm 1 Sheet 109-3482 £59.25 In Stock
20mm 305 x 610mm 1 Sheet 109-3579 £73.24 In Stock
25mm 305 x 610mm 1 Sheet 109-3676 £89.25 In Stock
30mm 305 x 610mm 1 Sheet 109-3773 £89.82 In Stock
50mm 305 x 610mm 1 Sheet 109-3967 £187.11 In Stock
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