Industrial Grade SantopreneĀ® Tubing

Industrial grade tubing which offers extreme durability, excellent resistance to weathering, abrasion and inorganic fluids and low gas permeability.
  • Industrial Grade SantopreneĀ® Tubing

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 7.1 MPa Hardness 64Āŗ Shore 'A'
Density 0.97 g/cmĀ³ Elongation at Break 440%
Temperature Range -20ĀŗC to 135ĀŗC Colour Black

Product Range

Bore  Wall  Coil Length  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Metre
3.2mm 1.6mm 15m 127-6909 £1.77 In Stock.
# 4.6mm 2.55mm 15m 01-99-2056 £2.89 In Stock
4.8mm 1.6mm 15m 127-7006 £1.67 In Stock
6.3mm 1.6mm 15m 127-7103 £2.28 In Stock.
8.0mm 1.6mm 15m 127-7297 £3.38 In Stock.
9.5mm 1.6mm 15m 127-7394 £3.97 In Stock
9.5mm 3.2mm 15m 127-7491 £5.42 In Stock.
12.7mm 3.2mm 15m 127-7588 £7.50 In Stock.
Only supplied in coil lengths shown. # This size is made from 55 Shore hardness material.