PTFE Imperial Tubing

  • PTFE Imperial Tubing
  • PTFE Imperial Tubing
  • PTFE Imperial Tubing
  • PTFE Imperial Tubing

Technical Specification

Tensile Strength 25 MPa Hardness 55º Shore 'D'
Density 2.10 g/cm³ Elongation at Break 350%
Temperature Range -200ºC to 260ºC Material Grade Food
Colour White / Translucent White Electrical BS2848
Dielectric Constant 2.08 at 20°C Dissipation Factor < 0.0005
Dielectric Strength >20kV/mm Volume Resistivity >10^18 ohms/cm
Surface Resistivity >10^16 ohms/cm²

Product Range

Bore  O.D.  Coil Length  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Coil
1/32in. 1/16in. 30m 01-96-1701 £48.03 In Stock.
1/16in. 1/8in. 30m 01-96-1702 £59.22 In Stock.
3/32in. 5/32in. 30m 01-96-1703 £88.55 In Stock
1/8in. 3/16in. 20m 01-96-1704 £65.98 In Stock.
1/8in. 1/4in. 10m 01-96-1746 £90.27 In Stock.
0.170in. 1/4in. 10m 01-96-1747 £67.52 In Stock.
3/16in. 1/4in. 20m 01-96-1705 £87.32 In Stock.
3/16in. 5/16in. 10m 01-96-1748 £117.03 In Stock
1/4in. 5/16in. 10m 01-96-1706 £53.09 In Stock.
1/4in. 3/8in. 10m 01-96-1749 £142.16 In Stock.
5/16in. 3/8in. 10m 01-96-1707 £61.19 In Stock
Bore  O.D.  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Metre
3/8in. 7/16in. 01-96-1708 £7.12 In Stock
3/8in. 1/2in. 01-96-1750 £19.47 In Stock.
1/2in. 5/8in. 01-96-1751 £24.81 In Stock.
5/8in. 11/16in. 01-96-1712 £20.03 In Stock.
5/8in. 3/4in. 01-96-1752 £31.24 In Stock
Products 3/8" Bore and over are sold by the metre

Please order the meterage you require and this will be cut from our stock coils.

These products are held in stock in 10m length coils, except 01-96-1752 which is held in stock in 3m straight lengths.