Testo 922 - Dual Channel, Digital Temperature Meter

The Testo 922 is a portable, dual-channel, Type K, digital temperature meter with a two-line, back-lit display for easy temperature comparisons. An optional facility to use wireless (radio) temperature probes makes remote temperature monitoring easy. Differential temperatures can be easily displayed and an audible alarm sounds if user-adjustable limit values are exceeded. Current measurements and Max-Min values can be printed on-site with the optional infrared printer. Timed-interval printing (eg. once per minute) is possible and is controlled from the Testo 922.
Features include:
• 2 channel temperature measurement • Optional wireless facility
• Displays differential temperature • Continuous dispay of max/min values
• Hold button to freeze readings • Backlit dispay
• Audible alarm sounds when limit values are exceeded
• On-site printout on optional infrared printer
• Optional Topsafe case available to protect instrument from dirt and impact.

Probes for use with meters must be ordered separately.

Product Range

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NOTE: Accuracy and range figures are applicable to the Testo 922 meter only, consideration must also be given to limitations of individual probes when assessing overall accuracy of readings obtained.

Temperature probes must be ordered separately.