Screw-down Tube Clips

The most cost-effective method to secure or route your tubing. Moulded in natural Nylon 66.
All contact edges are rounded to protect the tube.

Product Range

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To Fit OD max. 'A' Fixing Centre 'B' Width 'C'   Price (+VAT)
per Pack/10
Availability Product Code
3.2mm8.4mm9.5mm £0.72 In Stock. APTC37D012
4.8mm10.9mm9.5mm £0.72 In Stock. APTC37D018
6.3mm10.4mm9.5mm £0.72 In Stock. APTC37D025
7.9mm12.6mm9.5mm £0.68 <21 days APTC37D031
9.5mm15.1mm9.5mm £0.68 In Stock APTC37D037
11.1mm14.6mm9.5mm £0.85 In Stock. APTC37D043
12.7mm15.3mm9.5mm £0.81 In Stock APTC37D050
14.3mm15.4mm9.5mm £0.81 In Stock APTC37D056
15.9mm17.2mm9.5mm £0.90 In Stock APTC37D062
3.2mm8.0mm12.7mm £0.81 In Stock APTC50D012
4.8mm10.8mm12.7mm £0.81 In Stock APTC50D018
6.3mm10.4mm12.7mm £0.81 In Stock APTC50D025
7.9mm12.7mm12.7mm £0.90 In Stock APTC50D031
9.5mm13.5mm12.7mm £1.03 In Stock APTC50D037
11.1mm14.2mm12.7mm £1.03 In Stock APTC50D043
12.7mm15.1mm12.7mm £1.03 In Stock APTC50D050
14.3mm15.4mm12.7mm £1.13 In Stock APTC50D056
15.9mm16.6mm12.7mm £1.13 In Stock APTC50D062
19.0mm19.8mm12.7mm £1.13 In Stock APTC50D075
22.2mm21.5mm12.7mm £1.37 In Stock APTC50D087
25.4mm23.1mm12.7mm £1.48 In Stock APTC50D100
28.6mm24.6mm12.7mm £2.16 In Stock APTC50D112
30.2mm25.4mm12.7mm £2.27 In Stock APTC50D118
31.8mm26.9mm12.7mm £2.27 In Stock APTC50D125
34.9mm28.6mm12.7mm £2.39 In Stock APTC50D137
38.1mm30.2mm12.7mm £2.39 In Stock APTC50D150