Tee Connectors

Material Specification

Material Polypropylene
Maximum Temperature 110ºC
Minimum Temperature -40ºC
Material Grade Food
Colour Translucent


To Fit Tubing Bore 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D'
1.5mm 1.17mm 7.38mm 3.18mm
2.5mm 1.52mm 9.53mm 4.75mm
3.0mm 2.23mm 10.03mm 6.35mm
4.0mm 2.54mm 13.72mm 6.35mm
5.0mm 3.05mm 15.37mm 7.8mm
6.0mm 4.95mm 23.01mm 9.53mm
10.0mm 6.22mm 23.5mm 12.32mm

Product Range

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To Fit Tubing Bore 'A'   Price (+VAT)
per Pack/10
Availability Product Code
1.5mm £6.60 In Stock. 124-8488
2.5mm £6.25 In Stock. 05-40-5119
3.0mm £5.68 In Stock 05-40-5120
4.0mm £8.75 In Stock. 05-40-5121
6.0mm £9.66 In Stock 05-40-5123
10.0mm £16.20 In Stock. 05-40-5124