Elbow Connectors

Barbed hose and tube fittings are the simplest and most cost effective of connections. The integral barb ensures a leakproof seal which cannot easily be pulled off. For higher working pressures the addition of a hose clip is recommended.

Material Specification

Material Acetal Resin
Maximum Temperature 80ºC
Minimum Temperature -40ºC
Material Grade Food
Colour White


To Fit Tubing Bore 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D'
3mm 2.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm
4mm 2.5mm 17.5mm 19.5mm
5mm 3mm 21mm 22mm
6mm 4mm 25mm 26mm
8mm 5.6mm 29mm 30mm
10mm 7mm 31mm 33.5mm
14mm 10mm 38.5mm 41.5mm
15mm 11mm 39.5mm 43.5mm
16mm 12mm 40.5mm 45mm
19mm 15mm 43.5mm 46mm
25mm 21mm 52.5mm 52.5mm

Product Range

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To Fit Tubing Bore 'A'   Price (+VAT)
per Pack/10
Availability Product Code
3mm £4.82 In Stock 05-40-5175
6mm £9.45 In Stock. 05-40-5177
8mm £13.55 In Stock. 05-40-5162
15mm £20.51 In Stock 05-40-5166
16mm £24.65 In Stock 05-40-5167
19mm £6.28 In Stock. 05-40-5168
25mm £28.60 In Stock 05-40-5169